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Marble Falls with PhotowalksATX!

For February, our group managed to wake up in time to make it to Marble Falls, TX by 8 am(ish..)

...and now for a goofy shot!

...and now for a goofy shot!

Simi & Carlos each took a group photo of everyone, and it only took 25 minutes of us all goofing off to do it ;)

Behold, for Jackson approaches!

Behold, for Jackson approaches!

This woman walked over with her son, Jackson, and hung out for a few minutes. I believe she was a local opthamologist.  Jackson had forgotton his panda, but was going to go see the duckies, so all was well.

"We are HERE! We are HERE! We are HERE!"

"We are HERE! We are HERE! We are HERE!"

We wandered around a bit taking photos until Tracy found her a fireman and SOMEHOW (flirt alert!) got us an invite to a free firemans breakfast ;)

Simi even got to play dress up!


After a certain firewoman refueled with a platter of breakfast items, we headed back towards downtown to continue our walk... Thanks to Vanessa wandering off alone (hey, what happened to the buddy system, people?!) we managed to find her in a super cute lil shop, where we met the ladies that run it, and made a great connection for the future.  I'll let chief firewoman Shonowo give out those details, but it's pretty exciting!

The ladies there informed us that we just HAD to go across the street to visit with the friendly dog, and to check out the various art work in the gallery. I purchased a handmade card, and had the calligrapher do up some writing for me on the envelope and in the card itself.

Now this is starting to seem like a theme in Marble Falls, but the ladies at this shop also told us we just HAD to go around the corner to ANOTHER shop! :) This time so the women at the salon could check out Simi's hair (even tho she TOTALLY had helmet hair... hehe j/k!) We met yet another person who feigned an unphotogenic face... LIES!  ALL LIES!  All the photos of her came out amazing!

We ended the afternoon by swinging by a local photographer's studio to check out her digs!  I can't remember her name- let me look for a card... hmm... I don't seem to have a card from her... ;)

Check her out @ Sparrow's Heart Photography

I even had an excuse to play with Animoto!

Be sure to check out PhotowalksATX and join us for our next adventure!


Thanks for looking!