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Trey Ratcliff And The Million Photographer March - San Antonio

The crowd gathered up around Trey at the Alamo to get selfies and babble about nonsense and pretend they're all gonna be besties for about an hour.  Near the end of this time, one of the reps approached me and asked if I'd like to try one of their bags out for the day.  I hesistated and I think my eyes bugged out and I maaaaaaay have glanced around for an escape route before he kindly moved on.  A few moments later we all realize the people with the bags are going to be part of a contest.  Who can take the best photo of someone with one of the bags... OMG!  SO glad that I didnt take that bag!  My introversion is NOT equipped to handle 500 people swarming me trying to win prizes while I try to suck in my gut, shoulders back, head up, don't squint.. no, not even just the one eye, and make sure my hair isn't blowing crazy.  

*Introvert stress dial at 11*