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Introducing... BENTLEY!

I have finally settled in on a second dog.  After waffling between a french bulldog, a second boston terrier, a cavalier king charles spaniel, or a brussells griffon, I finally decided on "whatever dog is crazy sweet and affectionate, loves people, likes other dogs, and is small enough to take everywhere from the shelter!"

I kept superficially picking out adorable dogs, who would turn out to be not a good match for me. Finally, the shelter gal asked me what I was looking for, and I described the above.  She scooped up the dog I had in the meet-n-greet room, and took him back, and she returned a moment later with scroungey scruffy alley looking mutt.  As soon as she opened the door, he burst into the room and jump up to give the other shelter gal a bunch of kisses, and then ran over and jumped up into my lap to do the same to me!