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an un-eliot saturday...

...as opposed to a typical eliot saturday, spent on hulu, hbo go, or netflix...

Meet Abigail!

Meet Abigail!

i took a class through our local camera shop, Precision Camera, called "Igniting your senior portrait business!" It was taught by Dustin Meyer.

First off... this punk lives on enuf land to build an international transgalaxy starship, complete with man made lake, with all kinds of perfectly placed trees, and swings, and what nots all over the place... unBOlievable! I need a house like that!!!

It was an all day class, starting at 9:07 Eliot time... everyone else seemed to think it started at 9.  

silly humans

tho, to be fair to myself, when i checked the map, it said 21 minutes.... as i went to start loading gear into the car, i pulled it back up to make sure i had the directions ready on the ipad and it suddenly said 35 minutes! GASP! i have no idea where that extra 14 minutes came from, as there was NO traffic on the way, THANK GOD!

we started off by talking about camera settings, lenses, etc for a bit, then got into the shooting. our model was his niece, Abigail, who was in her first semester of college now. i had never done of these types of classes before, so it was awkward being in line with 10 other people waiting to shoot the same girl.  

im super passive, so i always fell far to the rear, after waving everyone that got near me on ahead.  im quite good at coming up with reasons why someone ELSE should get to go first. "oh, its a lady, she should go first!" "oh, hes an older man, i should let him go first"  "oh, someone in pants, they might be hotter than me and want to get into the shade... they should go first!"

its my super hero weakness! curse you overly-considerate-ness! thats a double hyphenate.. i think i just made them up. *shakes fist to the heavens* 

we did a handful of outfit changes, a handful of poses, and some babbling about business stuff (*yawn*) which is actually what i needed most, but MAN, my brain just turns on its SELF COMA MODE when people go towards business talks... i had to REALLY concentrate on paying attn... while not paying attn whatsoever... UGH! MY BRAIN! *bops self on head*

yes, yes... theres a watermark on them... he was a big proponent of them just for marketting, not for anti theft-ness.  im a fan of the -ness.. 95% of you are raging internally about that, or have already stopped reading because of it... :)

btw, the watermark is designed to be Gonzo, my spazzy one-eyed boston terrOr! with a little hipster stache for fun ;) any ideas on a name to go along with it? Eliot Graeme Photography sounds so BLAH! what about The Dapper Yapper? no?  okay then...

then... LUNCH!  now, there's something i can wrap my mou... brain around. we just had some simple subs, with chips and a cookie, and bottled watered.  i gave away my cookie and pretzels that came with my lil lunch kit. im not a huge fan of chips(or pretzels that arent soft like auntie annes!) nor of desserts with NUTS!  GROSS! totally ruins the tastiness of a dessert ;)

random thought... why is it that mayo packets contain about 1/2 a jar of mayo, but mustard packets have about 3 drops of mustard in them... oh, bother!

after lunch, we went in and he did some sample post processing techniques, went over some lightroom info, how not to overdo touch ups, how to deal with moms, and a few more such things. from there he went more into business talks, and i managed to process a bunch of photos in snapseed, look at the iphone 6+ online, waffle back and forth a few times on the 16-35 fe lens coming out for my sony a7s, or getting an a-mount wide angle prime with the adapter.  


im going native mount, as i dont like limited phase detect af points... despite the fact i generally only use center point.. hey, no one said i was logical...

***we return to your irregularly scheduled blogness***

heres a few other shots taken during the day...

we actually got out about 20 minutes late, which put me into scramble mode, as there was another photo meetup in downtown austin for the bat bridges, and something referred to as "austin pride" 

well, i rush home, check on gonzo, who was lazily lounging in his puppy pool, having obviously just come up from the backyard grass playing soccer, and unload the memory card and process the files, as i wanted to have them available for abigail and the hair and makeup artist, Anna Lani Makeup. i realized i was missing out on the bats, and id just get to attend the mysterious "austin pride" festival.  

i get downtown...

oh... its not a KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD event, its Austin Gay Pride! Austin has so many oddball PRO-AUSTIN festivals, that the word PRIDE didnt even trigger that it could be gay pride (and i thought those were all more early summer??)

silly austin and its weird gay pride dates... :D

i do a quick walk down the parade route, take some snaps, turn around, and take some snaps on the way back.  people overload! im not a people fan! and im pretty sure there were at least 75k apple employees alone!  and then another 75k methodist church marchers,, and then miscellaneous groups and organizations, including the apparent obligatory underwear gogo boys shaking what their mama's gave them to loud music... :D

i scurried home, showered, and watched You've Got Mail as i drifted off to sleep... romcomftw!