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No babies were harmed in the making of this blog post.

Amy asked if I'd come up to Dallas and take some photos for her friend with a newishborn baby (1 month old)  

A chance to get to stay in a huge hotel bed and sprawl all over with electronics strewn about and not worry about cleaning?  

YES, PLEASE! I mean, it's only my favoritist thing, EVER!

Oh, yeah... and a change to get to try another type of photography I've not done previously.. yeah that was good, too... ;D

Lessons Learned...

1 - Babies, while immobile, are full of motion... generally wailing and kicking and fist pumping.  Imagine the crowd at your local colleges football game, if their team is both losing 2356234234 - 0, and magically winning 345780293 - 0 at the same time.  Got it?  Yes... the same motions the fans would be making, a baby makes... fueled by milk as opposed to beer and nachos, tho. This means that Aperture mode keeping you at 1/60th, ain't gonna cut it, buddy!  Gotta go M mode and crank it up to 1/125 at least

2 - Battery powered LED lights are your friend... it was very nice to be able to always be seeing the light while we had to let the baby settle down with the pacifier, or just relax after changing outfits and props n what not...

3 - Babies can be more diva than Mariah Carey... "Oh, no.. baby ain't havin' this BIIIIRD staring at me on a nest... NO!" *storms off the set*

4 - Have mama, or SOMEone put their arms under the background/material your using for a background to help hold baby and keep baby in poses... otherwise baby will awkwardly be looking around with half a face mooshed down into the material...

5 - google NEWBORN PHOTOS and read as much as you can!

6 - f1.8 is VERY shallow when you are close enough to fill the frame with a tiny baby! Only do newborn photos of VERY large babies.. then this won't be as much of an issue ;) Or, ya know... just use f4.

Here's a couple snaps of Amy's cat and dog... she has another cat, but that cat is full of cattitude and won't look at a camera! Whatever, kitty! *attitude face to the cat*

And an elevator portrait of Mike, who swung by on his way down from Oklahoma heading back towards Austin.