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" Helga, I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at the dirt." - Eliot Dearest

there's a behind the scenes of Gone With the Wind thing going on at the downtown Austin museum, as well as having it coming back to the big screen for a week (or something), and having recently seen mommy dearest on tv a few times, so ive been all in an old movie mode lately...

after much pondering and coughing ( i have a cold, ugh) i decided to try to get this look of an old hollywood headshot... in my head it was sorta mommy dearest, or... mebbe gone with the wind... i dunno.. i cant seem to find the images i have in my head, but it FEELS like its from those types of movies, "fiddle dee dee!"

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyways... on with the #selfie !

Don't *#&! with me, fellas! This ain't my first time in the studio! - lolZ :D

Don't *#&! with me, fellas! This ain't my first time in the studio! - lolZ :D

it was a fun time getting to play with my new beauty dish i got for the neewer ad-360 flash. still loving it! had it about 18" right above the camera, in line with the lens.

and, yes, im aware that the eyes arent exactly in focus... but YOU try to stand on the edge of a patio, while swatting roughly 30 mosquitos, and tripping over your dog who thinks he's eliot pan's shadow, and having to use an ipad wifi app for camera controls!

*attitude face* lol

well time for bed... "after all.. tomorrow is another day" ;)