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PhotowalksATX goes to San Marcos!

Our March walk took us to the courthouse square of downtown San Marcos, TX.  We arrived just as the farmers market was beginning to pop up, and headed south.  A short loop around town had us all gathering up for lunch at The Root Cellar Cafe, just over at the northeast corner of the square, where we shared food and photos. I wore new shoes, and got a blister.  Boo.

Marble Falls with PhotowalksATX!

For February, our group managed to wake up in time to make it to Marble Falls, TX by 8 am(ish..)

...and now for a goofy shot!

...and now for a goofy shot!

Simi & Carlos each took a group photo of everyone, and it only took 25 minutes of us all goofing off to do it ;)

Behold, for Jackson approaches!

Behold, for Jackson approaches!

This woman walked over with her son, Jackson, and hung out for a few minutes. I believe she was a local opthamologist.  Jackson had forgotton his panda, but was going to go see the duckies, so all was well.

"We are HERE! We are HERE! We are HERE!"

"We are HERE! We are HERE! We are HERE!"

We wandered around a bit taking photos until Tracy found her a fireman and SOMEHOW (flirt alert!) got us an invite to a free firemans breakfast ;)

Simi even got to play dress up!


After a certain firewoman refueled with a platter of breakfast items, we headed back towards downtown to continue our walk... Thanks to Vanessa wandering off alone (hey, what happened to the buddy system, people?!) we managed to find her in a super cute lil shop, where we met the ladies that run it, and made a great connection for the future.  I'll let chief firewoman Shonowo give out those details, but it's pretty exciting!

The ladies there informed us that we just HAD to go across the street to visit with the friendly dog, and to check out the various art work in the gallery. I purchased a handmade card, and had the calligrapher do up some writing for me on the envelope and in the card itself.

Now this is starting to seem like a theme in Marble Falls, but the ladies at this shop also told us we just HAD to go around the corner to ANOTHER shop! :) This time so the women at the salon could check out Simi's hair (even tho she TOTALLY had helmet hair... hehe j/k!) We met yet another person who feigned an unphotogenic face... LIES!  ALL LIES!  All the photos of her came out amazing!

We ended the afternoon by swinging by a local photographer's studio to check out her digs!  I can't remember her name- let me look for a card... hmm... I don't seem to have a card from her... ;)

Check her out @ Sparrow's Heart Photography

I even had an excuse to play with Animoto!

Be sure to check out PhotowalksATX and join us for our next adventure!


Thanks for looking!



"Like"-ing Emails

I've recently signed up for way too many positive, uplighting, & motivational photography business type emails.  Often times I'm thinking "exactly! you get me!" and just want to click [LIKE] and move on.  They are often noreply-****@***.com type emails.  So it's not like it's appropriate to say "Mhmm!" in a reply to them... but I do what them to know "that's so me!" so they can feel appreciated for the time it took to send out that email.. ya know?!

Jody got a job!

My friend Jody got a new job as a Jr. Account something something for a financial advisor. He asked if I'd be willing to take some photos for his linked in, etc.

Drone Alert!

My buddy Mike got himself a drone; a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced. Once he learns how to fly it, I'm going to pester him to teach me so I can get some fun aerial shots!

Trey Ratcliff And The Million Photographer March - San Antonio

The crowd gathered up around Trey at the Alamo to get selfies and babble about nonsense and pretend they're all gonna be besties for about an hour.  Near the end of this time, one of the reps approached me and asked if I'd like to try one of their bags out for the day.  I hesistated and I think my eyes bugged out and I maaaaaaay have glanced around for an escape route before he kindly moved on.  A few moments later we all realize the people with the bags are going to be part of a contest.  Who can take the best photo of someone with one of the bags... OMG!  SO glad that I didnt take that bag!  My introversion is NOT equipped to handle 500 people swarming me trying to win prizes while I try to suck in my gut, shoulders back, head up, don't squint.. no, not even just the one eye, and make sure my hair isn't blowing crazy.  

*Introvert stress dial at 11*


PhotowalksATX Fun

Took an evening to pretend that I'm social, and went to a group photo walk.  It started at Whole Foods in downtown Austin, and we did a short walk west and looped on back.  Got to meet a bunch of new people, though I did recognize Tracy from a previous meetup.com experience! I dragged my friend Mike Hahn along so that I'd have someone to talk to while I try to remain a hermit in a social setting.  

I am ridiculous.

That's what a fortune cookie would say should I have opened it during the photo walk.  Wait, no, it would say "YOU are ridiculous."


It would turn out to be a nice first walk with my Sony A7rii...

Quick Baseball Game - Victoria, TX

Was heading back to the office and saw that a baseball game had just started in the park.  Swung in for some photo fun!

To Corpus Christi & Back Again!


Decided on going to Corpus and drive around sight seeing, and go for a drive down the shoreline.

Had so much fun, did it again the next day, and added in a trip to the aquarium! Next time, I'll work in the tour of the USS Lexington.

Bass Pro Comes to Round Rock, TX!

But just barely! I think the backhalf of it is in Georgetown ;)

Took my stepdad over, as he is a basspro/cabela's kind of guy, and they also had a nascar car on display.  He is also a nascar kinda guy... 

He did oblige me with a silly photo of him poking his head out of a blind.  We discussed the merits of using it to kill poor defenseless deer, and to hide for wildlife photography.  

Neither of us changed our stances....

Introducing... BENTLEY!

I have finally settled in on a second dog.  After waffling between a french bulldog, a second boston terrier, a cavalier king charles spaniel, or a brussells griffon, I finally decided on "whatever dog is crazy sweet and affectionate, loves people, likes other dogs, and is small enough to take everywhere from the shelter!"

I kept superficially picking out adorable dogs, who would turn out to be not a good match for me. Finally, the shelter gal asked me what I was looking for, and I described the above.  She scooped up the dog I had in the meet-n-greet room, and took him back, and she returned a moment later with scroungey scruffy alley looking mutt.  As soon as she opened the door, he burst into the room and jump up to give the other shelter gal a bunch of kisses, and then ran over and jumped up into my lap to do the same to me!  


My niece, the ARTEEST!

My nieces, all 3 of them, are very artistic.  However, only one of them was in the grade level range to enter an art show at the local art store, Jerry's Artarama.

It didn't take TOO much convincing to get her to enter, and she ended up selling all 3 pieces!

One of her pieces was already taken home by the purchaser, so we didn't get a photo with it












Right around the same time, she was also brought into the National Junior Honor Society!

Into the woods...

So I flew out Xmas night to go visit my BFF, Mano, for his bday.  We met up in San Diego for a week of photography, movies, and pigging out on amazing food!

I think Tony Northup would be proud of my time of dusk selection for this city shot.. blue sky but golden lights!

I think Tony Northup would be proud of my time of dusk selection for this city shot.. blue sky but golden lights!

We did a lot of wandering around La Jolla near the coast for some people watching and photography opportunities.  It was a super pretty day, and totally clear skies.... you could see forever! Of course I didn't bing my 70-200 when we go to take photos of hanglider... err... paragliders...?... parasai... whatevers... These people sitting under huge kites! LOL

Of course we always find time for street work... some in downtown San Diego, some in OB, some in Balboa Park.. all over! This dog had ALL the ladies fawning over him.  What a cocky spaniel.... that coulda been a good joke, but he had to be annoying and be a golden retriever... no clever jokes with that one.. bah!  "Hey, Dude!  Take my photo!" as the cylist came towards us.. and then asked if we wanted to buy his bike...  and the pigeon people lured tons of birds to them with snacks, and then just reached down and picked one up!


I managed to FORCE him to upgrade his phone so he would stop HMMing and HAing over the decision...

 took the best photo of a salad that I may ever take... it was AMAZING! I love the nicoise at Tender Greens!!!


We visited his dad's resting spot...

...and enjoyed his amazing view of downtown!

Quick trip to the Cabrillo monument!

Movies that we saw...

Into the woods... loved it!  

Big Eyes... loved it!

The Hobbit... loved it!

I love most movies, tho, so take that with a chunk of pink Himalayan sea salt...

No babies were harmed in the making of this blog post.

Amy asked if I'd come up to Dallas and take some photos for her friend with a newishborn baby (1 month old)  

A chance to get to stay in a huge hotel bed and sprawl all over with electronics strewn about and not worry about cleaning?  

YES, PLEASE! I mean, it's only my favoritist thing, EVER!

Oh, yeah... and a change to get to try another type of photography I've not done previously.. yeah that was good, too... ;D

Lessons Learned...

1 - Babies, while immobile, are full of motion... generally wailing and kicking and fist pumping.  Imagine the crowd at your local colleges football game, if their team is both losing 2356234234 - 0, and magically winning 345780293 - 0 at the same time.  Got it?  Yes... the same motions the fans would be making, a baby makes... fueled by milk as opposed to beer and nachos, tho. This means that Aperture mode keeping you at 1/60th, ain't gonna cut it, buddy!  Gotta go M mode and crank it up to 1/125 at least

2 - Battery powered LED lights are your friend... it was very nice to be able to always be seeing the light while we had to let the baby settle down with the pacifier, or just relax after changing outfits and props n what not...

3 - Babies can be more diva than Mariah Carey... "Oh, no.. baby ain't havin' this BIIIIRD staring at me on a nest... NO!" *storms off the set*

4 - Have mama, or SOMEone put their arms under the background/material your using for a background to help hold baby and keep baby in poses... otherwise baby will awkwardly be looking around with half a face mooshed down into the material...

5 - google NEWBORN PHOTOS and read as much as you can!

6 - f1.8 is VERY shallow when you are close enough to fill the frame with a tiny baby! Only do newborn photos of VERY large babies.. then this won't be as much of an issue ;) Or, ya know... just use f4.

Here's a couple snaps of Amy's cat and dog... she has another cat, but that cat is full of cattitude and won't look at a camera! Whatever, kitty! *attitude face to the cat*

And an elevator portrait of Mike, who swung by on his way down from Oklahoma heading back towards Austin.

Are you a NARCISSIST... ? Yes? GOOD! C'mere!

MAN! I really need some attractive narcissistic friends that would just LOOOVE to have eleventy billion photos of them taken!  

Is there an app for that?!

I got a new tie in today from http://www.TheTieBar.com, so thought I'd throw it on and try a portrait using my F&V video led ringlight as a backdrop light or hair light